about us

Hello, I'm Faith Sonnia Arude (27) and your hair expert. As a teenager I left my homeland Nigeria and came to Germany, but I have never forgotten my family's traditions of working with natural herbs. I got my passion for herbs from my father, who taught me to appreciate them and to work with them. Through him I learned to use natural herbs for my hair, to promote growth and to make it more resilient.
In my childhood and adolescence, I was mocked and bullied for my poor and unhealthy looking hair structure, which drove me straight into the arms of promising chemicals. However, it didn't improve anything, on the contrary. When I moved to Germany, it was even more difficult to find natural hair products that could help me take care of my hair. Most of the products available had unhealthy chemicals added to them, which caused even more damage to my hair. The effects of the inferior products got worse and worse and I began to develop inferiority complexes. I loved nothing about myself, from my big forehead, to my skin, to my entire appearance. I lost my self-confidence as a woman, as a person, as the person I was.
So began my journey, to myself, to my faith and to my decision to do something about this suffering - for myself and my fellow human beings! So in July 2015 I decided to stop using relaxers. (The chemicals that soften the hair, but destroy the hair components and weaken the hair follicles and strands). So I drew a radical line - I wanted a fresh start - I cut my hair!
A year later, in 2016, I managed to outgrow the chemicals and start the natural hair journey. On this trip I became aware that many other people also have problems maintaining the length of their hair, struggle with hair breakage, are always on the lookout for the right products for their hair type to get rid of dry, itchy scalp and dandruff .
So began my personal search for natural ingredients that catapulted me straight into the hair care cosmetics and product industry. After many attempts and failures, ups and downs, I discovered the helpful key recipe. So I shared over timesome of my DIY recipes and homemade products with my family and friends. Through word of mouth, my products were spreading more and more among friends, acquaintances and the community. They began to exchange ideas, telling each other and me how happy they were with the effect of the products. This is how OTJ Naturals was born.
I realized that this journey, my journey, was worth taking and so it was good to take. So I decided to take all hair types with me on my trip and not just limit myself to Afro hair. I decided to work even harder to come up with a formula that would work for all hair types - Afro and Kinky, Curly and Frizzy hair, but also especially for kids.
The vision of OTJ Naturals ( O ur T resses J ustified) is to reduce to a minimum the hair fights we are exposed to on a daily basis. To do this, it is important to me to hear and understand people's needs. Because my greatest goal is to make my fellow human beings happy, to share and expand my knowledge. OTJ Naturals uses nature as a healing source for the body and mind to help people to be courageous and self-confident - BE WHO YOU ARE !!

My wish is to provide people with products that make daily hair problems a thing of the past. That is why we create our "Do it all" products to cover all the different needs of our hair. Our products are made with love and care, because the satisfaction of our customers is important to us.
OTJ Natural looks forward to giving you and your hair a solution that gives you freedom and self-confidence.