Protein or moisture? Too Much or Too Little?

Here is the deal. Really want to know if your hair is overloaded with protein or moisture? Then read on. I just want to give you a few tips on how to solve this puzzle.

You realize that you have too much moisture in your hair when your hair feels very dry and suddenly has white flakes that don't look normal (that is, the products no longer just feel in the strands of the hair). If your hair feels very soft and weak even when wet, especially a little softer than normal and the curls no longer look like curls even when styled, then reduce the amount of products you use on your hair. Get a protein leave-in or rather go on a protein regimen to rebalance your hair.

If you have too much protein, your hair will feel more like this:
Your hair tends to break very easily. It feels more like dried grass even after using water or a product. It feels stiff and when you stretch it it breaks without asking for permission or giving you a warning signal whether it's wet or dried. Then you shouldn't take a protein cure, instead you should resort to a moisturizing deep cure to restore the elasticity of your hair. Especially if your hair breaks in excess and it breaks immediately when you pull on it.

If your hair doesn't feel any of it and only breaks when you pull it with force (I see you, don't even think about pulling it with force) then everything is fine and your hair is perfectly fine.


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