Everyday tips to protect your natural curls

Natural elements like the sun or strong winds can damage your hair.

If you go out on hot and sunny days, try to protect your hair with a hat or by using a UV protection spray.
You can find these at your local drug store or online.
In the swimming pool or in the sea, your hair is dehydrated by chlorine or salt water. To prevent this, use a swimming cap! There are now swimming caps for Afro hair that offer enough space for our curly splendor. In order to provide them with sufficient care during this time, care for them beforehand with a rich onecare cream your choice.

And if it gets exciting and you want to protect your hair from the wind and dust on a trip in the convertible, take a light scarf or a long shawl with you that you can tie around your hair while driving.

Even in autumn or winter, your hair can suffer on icy and windy days. Protect her with a hat and, if possible, keep her hair closed - in a ponytail or a protective style. Due to the cold temperatures, your hair loses moisture and dries out faster. For extra moisture, apply moisturizing conditioner or moisturizer regularly.

Before going to bed, very important:
hair with onesatin bonnet or cover with a cloth!

Why? Overnight, the curls get knotted very quickly, they rub against each other and also on the pillow. This puts quite a strain on them while you sleep comfortably. To maintain definition and prevent breakage, your little nighttime companion will help keep your hair healthy and defined. 

Tip: As a little goodie, you can leave a conditioner on overnight to enjoy super smooth hair the next morning.

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