Children's hair care

It's really only about two things!

1. Unravel
2. Moisturize

Detangling: Shampooing will KNOT and DIRTY the hair.

If your child has thicker and longer hair, untangle them before shampooing.

✅ Only ever untangle individual sections
❌ Do not detangle when hair is dry

How to Untangle:
1. Spray enough water to soak the hair
2. Divide the hair into halves or quarters
3. Apply detangling conditioner or oil all over your hair.
4. Detangle the hair with your fingers. Starting from the tips of the hair to the scalp
5. Use a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush to comb through sections of hair. From the tips down to the scalp
6. Make two strands into a twist.


It's about adding moisture to the hair.
Use your hands and fingers.


How to moisturize the hair:
1. Spray enough water to soak the hair
2. Divide the hair into 2 halves or 4 quarters
3. Apply a moisturizer all over your hair
4. Using your fingers, detangle the hair from the tips to the scalp.
5. Brush, straighten or style your hair as you normally would.

❌ But do not straighten the hair when it is moist, the hot water it contains "boils" the hair and only damages the hair.

When you feel the need to detangle your hair, just build the detangling steps into the moisturizing steps.

That's it ... It's easy

Just one thing❗❗

Be patient and take your time when styling your child's hair.
Be careful how you talk to your child about their hair because it will stick on their mind, use positive and loving words.

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