What is dandruff and how can it be cured?

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to form that make the scalp itchy. Above all, it is uncomfortable when the white flakes can be seen on clothing.
The cause of dandruff varies. They can be caused by stress, dry scalp, wrong product choices, the weather, and product buildup on the scalp. There are several ways you can get rid of the dandruff.
What can you do?
- Avoid products with harsh chemicals
- Do a proper cleansing of the scalp
- Wash your hair regularly
- Use tea tree oil, this will help you get rid of the flaky and itchy scalp, important:dilute it sufficiently beforehand with a carrier oil, (also available in our shop )
- Use apple cider vinegar or (cold) mint tea to cleanse the scalp
- A gel made from aloe vera soothes the (scalp) skin
If these home remedies don't help, it's best to visit a dermatologist.

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