Differences between normal conditioner, deep care treatment and leave-in conditioner

What is the difference between a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioning conditioner, and a normal waxing conditioner?

Looos! Here we go.

They all have something in common, proper care!!

However, you should know beforehand: What is the condition of my hair?


One of them solves the temporary condition,
one the permanent state and
one the state of health.

Rinse conditioner: This is what you use when you are in a hurry to finish your laundry day and your hair is healthy. Most of the time, the Rinse Out Conditioner will help you comb through your hair in the shower and rinse it out 5 minutes later. This benefits curly hair more than frizzy (kinky) hair. It still has enough lubricity to deal with the kinky hair.

Deep care cure: This is what you use when your hair looks dry, brittle, mostly lifeless and weightless. We also call it a moisturizing conditioner. It's more like a conditioner and helps restore lost moisture to your hair. You rinse this out too, but wait 30 minutes and your hair looks super happy and moisturized.

Leave-in conditioner (do not rinse out): As the name suggests, you leave it in and don't rinse it out. After washing with shampoo and conditioner (or rinse-out conditioner), this will help lock in moisture and protect your curls from drying out quickly. It helps preserve the water content of your hair.

Why do we seal with oil? This is because the oil helps lock in the moisture and moisture levels of the leave-in conditioner into your hair, so not only does the leave-in conditioner last a day, but the oil keeps the leave-in conditioner in your hair even longer.

Do you understand that? If you have any other questions, let me know below, I will answer them alln🥰

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